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Project CPR (Choreographic Practice and Research)


Project CPR gives choreographers and dancers the opportunity to research, discuss, create, and present dance in a group context. Hours are part-time. Participants work together to delve deeper into their practice through a facilitated and mentored process. 


There are two phases to the project- 

1) Research and Creation

2) Presentation of Work-in-Progress


Project CPR provides space, ensemble, dialogue, tools, mentoring from senior choreographers and dancers, community connection,  workshops, debate, and facilitated creation periods – designed to help bring visions to life.


Director/ Founder/ Mentor: Claire French 


CPR Choreographic Mentees: Sara Coffin, Salome Diaz, Kelly McInnes, Lisa Hostman, Nicole Dupuis, Erin Lequereux, Jennifer McLeish Lewis, Mahaila Patterson-O'Brien, Hailey McCloskey, Kat Single-Dain, Natalie Gan, Jacinte Armstrong, Heather Laura Gray, Caroline Liffmann, Caitlin Griffin, Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman, Philipa Myler, Patricia Kim, Carolyn Schmidt, Ashley Whitehead, Jaime Valin.

CPR Guest Mentors: Serge Bennathan, Ame Henderson, Justine Chambers, Josh Martin, Delia Brett, Lee Su Feh, Constance Cooke, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Judith Garay, and Susan Elliot. 



Project CPR received support through The Dance Centre (Artist in Residence) The Landing Dance Center (Artist in Residence), Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (2012-2017) and Canada Council for the Arts (Support Services to the Dance Milieu). 

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