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Unexpected Pleasures (2021)

Early Research and Creation

Restless is in early creation for a new interdisciplinary work with the support of Canada Council for the Arts, The Dance Centre and Ne. Sans Opera and Dance. Stay tuned for updates! 


Currently in workshops with:

Caroline MacCaull, Jeremy O'Neill, Sujit Vaidya, Edward Top, Tawnya Popoff, James Proudfoot, Michael Barton of Fubolabo, Chengyan Boon, Paula Viitanen Aldoza, Briana Bernard

Also grateful to Jill Henis, Caitlin Griffin, Ted Littlemore, Alexis Fletcher, Alison Beda, Alfreda Santa Ana, Mark Takeshi McGregor, RSAAW.   

About the Project  

Our collaborative process involves sound/movement, brown paper (and the sound and movement of brown paper), architecturally informed spatial design, and digital projection. We are exploring contingency, possibility, and implication through several disciplines, in an installation-like format.  


Through researching what it is to create work for which the “product” and venue remain speculative—digital/live, performance/installation, gallery/theatre—scale, medium, and the relationships between disciplines take on new generative qualities. Dancers and musicians occupy a speculative world of half-formed and in flux (re)presentations.


This creation period involves a DanceLab through The Dance Centre, which we are exploring as a hybrid space; fertile, adaptive, optimistic. 

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