Restless Productions

Founded in 2011 by choreographer Claire French and composer James Maxwell, Restless is a performance company dedicated to aestheticizing interdisciplinary collaboration. Our work has the collaborative process at its core, focusing on the new and unforeseen element that arises when disciplines meet; drawing on all, and exclusive to none. When a dancer is presented as a classical musician’s “page-turner,” the traditional hierarchy of music and dance is stood on its head; responsibility for the flow of musical time is denied the musician and given over to the interpretive instincts of the dancer. Maneuvers like this arise from a highly personal conception of the idea of “implication:” identifying a convention in one discipline that is considered essential to a tradition, and repurposing that convention by assigning its function to one or more other disciplines. Through the play of repurposed conventions, the audience of a Restless production is invited to experience an intermingling of purposes, as the tried-and-true meets the newly-invented, in a collaborative exploration of the space between traditions.

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